Fourth Degree Knights Color Guard


Activities of the Knights of Columbus

            he Knights of Columbus is involved         

            with many activities that benefit the Church and the Community.   One of the activities is the annual Drive for the Mentally Disadvantaged.

    Each year the Knights collect donations to support the work of organizations that aid the members of Amador County’s mentally disadvantaged community.


    Our local group is the ARC.  This year, the Council collected about $2600.00.  Over the past 10 years, the Council has collected and donated more than $29,000.00 for the Arc.

    As active members of St. Katharine Drexel Parish, the Knights of Amador County have participated in many activities that benefit the six Catholic Communities at the six mission churches.  These include membership on Pastoral Council, ushers, readers, communion ministries, and many more.

    The Council also helps to sponsor the “Returning Catholics” ministry and runs a Bible Study group.  Both of these programs have been very successful over the last few years.

    One of the main activities in the past has been Youth Prison Ministries.  However, the Preston facility has been closed and wards moved to their respective counties or other facilities.  The Pine Grove site is still active and has communion service on a semi-regular basis.  Along those same lines, the prison ministry now includes Mule Creek State Prison in Ione.

    These ministries have been a source of pride for the Amador County Council as it continues to find more ways to make a difference in Amador County and the Amador County Catholic Community.

    The Amador County Council’s Scholarship Program has had another successful year, its fifth.  This year’s recipient showed a very high level of commitment toward service to community and academic achievement.  The $1,000.00 Scholarship award was won by a student at Amador High School, Matthew Conrardy.

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