Amador County Council 1849

Officers’ Page

Officer Resource Materials, including forms, media, and kits.
(This link takes you to the Supreme Council’s sign in page.  Items from links listed on this page may be downloaded and completed.  Some may be completed on line.  Activity kits may be ordered as well.)Officers_Resource.html
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As the need is seen, additional resources and links will be placed here for use of Council Officers.

The updated Council Phone Tree may by accessed here.  Future changes will be available here as well.  Please keep this list as private as possible.  It for members’ use only.Officers_Page_files/K%20of%20C%20Phone%20Tree.pdf

Membership Recruitment Video. Note: While this video will play from this link, because of its size, it is strongly recommended that you right click the link to download it first. Also, you will need a copy of Quicktime for PC or Mac, depending on your computer’s operating system.  You may get a free copy from the Apple Website.  Go to the downloads link and download the version you need.

The dinner preparations information is available here.  It is updated often, so check often.  This is a pdf file.  You may download it or print it directly from the web page.Officers_Page_files/Dinner%20Preparations.pdf

2015-2016 California State Chapter Directory and Program Handbook

This contains information that may not be shared with outside organizations.